Here is a list of excessive servers I have found with their specific numbers.  Not all of them are up at all times.  Some may not exist any more.  If you have info on these or have others to list email me.  boobjob@houston.rr.com



Crozzy's Excessive                 Port: 27960


Tolnep's Excessive

      Tolneps a good guy.  He doesn't play on his own server much because people were complaining that he was too good. : )   I do catch him on the QODA server fairly frequently though.           Port: 27960


Fastrac            Port: 27960


Madcats Excessive            Port: 27960


DV8 ELVUS              Port: 27961


Excessive cold.lab

        I haven't been able to log on to this server yet.  Maybe you'll have better luck.              Port: 27960


QODA Clan Domination

        These are my favorite servers right now.  They are team DM.  A lot of good players here.  They have a new map rotation that I'm not to fond of and ping can get nasty with so many people allowed on the server, but I still have a great time here.           Port: 27960           Port: 27960


Exessive Server

         This server has a lot of lag and games are short because of a low frag limit.  Has decent maps and good players.             Port 27960



Killeths Excessive               Port 27960



Game Spys Speakeasy             Port 27960



Mr.Pants excessive joust

      Mr. Pants does it again.  Press the jump button several times and you fly (just like the old Joust game).  Check it out and see what you think.  Mr. Pants is looking for feedback so go to www.planetquake.com/excessive/ and drop him a note.             Port 27960