How to join the clan.

Until further notice

We will not be accepting any new members.  This does not apply to those bids already extended.


    All you have to do to join the clan is email the clan leader: and say that you wish to join the clan.  When I have had time to respond, I will email you back and let you know that I have informed the other clan members of you're desire to enter the clan.  At this point and only  this point are you allowed to take on the clan prefix in white with you're name in whatever color you want.  You are now considered a recruit of the clan.  Before you will be accepted as a full-fledged member called an apprentice, you will have to play and meet the approval of every clan member and final approval of the clan leader.  They will email me with their approval or disapproval.  I will let you know the outcome.  I will try to set up times and places where you have the opportunity to meet everyone,  so this process will go through as quickly as possible.

    All members are instructed to base their judgments on the clan rulz first.  After that a basic skills assessment will be done.  Skills are not the most important thing.  We can train our members to have better skills, but we can't train them to have good attitudes, enjoy playing the game, or have good "in game" demeanor.  So keep this in mind when playing them.  If you don't play well with others you need not apply.  I formed this clan so that my friends (both future and present) and I could have a lot of fun and improve our skills.  We are looking for like-minded individuals.  So have fun and I hope to play you soon.