Every week we have an intraclan competition called [MgA] games, where we will determine who has the best skillz.  This will be based on who gets the most frags per game in a month's time.  Ranks will be assigned as per below.




# in clan


Yellow any

Hit Men

Green 4

Rogue Assassins

Blue 2

Sniper Assassins

Purple 2


Red 1

Master Assassin

Black 1

Master Assassin will of course be the top spot, all others will be filled from there.  Color indicates what color the clan tag will be in, and # in clan indicates the number of people in the clan who can hold that rank at one time.

Ranks will determine Who is on the WAR teams and give members a basis for whom they should be asking help from.  As clan leader I still have to compete for rank and WAR team membership, unless the WAR match is held on our server.  Then I will have to be present make sure every thing is running properly.  Other than that, rank really has no meaning.  Assassins have no more power in the clan than Apprentices.   This setup is for fun, bragging rights, and training purposes ONLY!

To put your clantag in black Hold down the shift key and type 69669 let go of the shift key and enter the clantag.  A ^ symbol will appear in front of the tag.  At current we know of no way to remove this.