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Machinegun Assassins is a Quake III Excessive Mod Clan.  For more information contact the clan leader:

[MgA]BoobJob          AOL IM name: mgaboobjob


05/02/2000: Every one check out Mr.Pants new excessive joust at  Port 27960

05/01/2000: Welcome new member [MgA]Invictus!  Watch out guys this ones evil with the RL!

04/28/2000:  Fun with Kitty!  : )    

04/26/2000:  Happy birthday xqqqsme!   We'll all pitch in and get you a walker!  : )

                   Web page was updated today so look around.

04/25/2000:  Welcome new members: FISHBULB, xqqqsme, and Kittykat.